About us

Our company

T4P (Target for property) is a real estate company based in Maadi, Egypt. T4P offers multiple services including selling, buying, and renting properties acting as a mediator between owners and renters.T4P works as a consultant and a real estate investment advisory. On top of that, T4P offers housekeeping services, properties decoration and renovation, and moving of furniture from a property to another. T4P also offers help in day to day jobs like paying for the internet, electricity and gas bills and/or issuing any government related papers/procedures. We are here to make you comfortable in every possible way.

Our Vision

T4P’s purpose is to provide clients with welfare through offering the smoothest and most professional experience of buying, selling, and/or renting. T4P aspires to be one of the very top real estate companies in Egypt and around the world through the hard work of its team and the clients’ support. T4P is among many successful real estate companies, working together for the sole purpose of getting the clients’ satisfaction and trust. We have pride in being very trustworthy, and reliable. We are working on getting bigger and having multiple offices to help provide whatever is needed whenever and wherever.

Who We Are

Target for Property was established in April 2015 to forge a new path in real estate across Egypt. Egypt property market offers some of the finest apartments, villas and homes in the world. Whilst catering to the needs of buyers and renters from around the world, precious time is devoted to truly understand the needs of those looking to climb the property ladder in Egypt.

Target for Property is committed to providing a consistent level of service and assistance at every step of the real estate process, whether you are looking to buy an apartment, sell your home or rent a villa in Egypt.