Plants and Flowers also can be bought online in Egypt!植物や花もエジプトでオンライン購入することができます!

Now in Egypt, plants and flowers can be bought online. Wherever you are, delivery is available. How cool is that? 今エジプトでは、植物や花を購入することができるようになりました。どこにいても、配達は利用できます。いいですね。 Also if you’ve been looking for a certain plant or flower and cannot find...
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Best Schools in Egypt エジプトの最も良い学校

As an expat, moving to Egypt is quite a big step. You worry about food, transportation, weather…etc. but most importantly, you worry about your children’s education. 外国人として、エジプトへの引越しはかなり大きな一歩のでしょうか。食糧、交通機関、教育、天候、あなたの子供の学校…等について心配しますね。 We are here to help you with everything...
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Making a Contract

①Preperation for apply ・Identification cardPassport,Student card,Alien Registration Card etc. . . ②Preperation for contract Contractor’s (lease signer) Front-end payment (deposit, agent fee, advanced payment for rent, etc.) The real estate management agency manages the property of...
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