Vegan friendly restaurants in Maadi.

Veganism is spreading at an unbelievable pace in Egypt. It’s not just foreigners but a big number of Egyptian youth are now more aware and more open to the idea of veganism and some of them even want to become vegan.

Egypt is a country that is very much dependent on meat. So, you might think it is not as easy to find vegan friendly restaurants. However, what most people do not know is that Egypt’s most famous dish (Koshari) is a 100% vegan, and it is incredibly delicious. Nevertheless, you might get quite bored with Koshari after a few days.

That’s why in this article we will talk about vegan friendly restaurants in Maadi where you could find a variety of dishes to enjoy.

A good percentage of foreigners living in Egypt are actually renting in Maadi. That is why, Maadi community has a diverse number of kitchens. And as you may think, the more diversity it is to food, the more easy to find food suitable for restrictive diets like veganism.

Without further ado, let’s indulge in the veganism world and where to find vegan restaurants in Maadi:

Vegan in Our House

vegan friendly restaurant

From a personal experience, you should definitely try the Veggie Nuggets, Pesto Pasta, ad Vegan Mushroom Burger.

I’m pretty sure all their stuff are as satisfying. I just didn’t get the chance to try them.

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Frank and Co.

Although it is not just vegan food, they have a lot of vegan options like:

  1. Chili Tofu Cubes, Mango Chutney
  2. Spicy Fries
  3. Wrap (vegetables, chickpea, Sweet potato, Avocado, Roasted Pepper & Tomato Dip)
  4. Green Wrap (Avocado, pea, kale, herbs, red cabbage, cilantro hummus)
  5. Salads (Rucola, mushrooms salad, pomegranate dressing), (Roasted sweet potato, brown rice, cilantro, yellow pepper, chili vinaigrette)
  6. Dips (Roasted pepper & Tomato, Cilantro-Hummus)

They also point out food that have nuts in case you have an allergy.

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The White Owl

They have very interesting vegan dishes like:

  1. Pesto Fettuccine (dairy-free basil pesto sauce)
  2. Beetroot Fettuccine (dairy-free beetroot pesto sauce)
  3. Pink Cream and Vegetables Pappardelle (bell peppers and mushrooms with a coconut cream and tomato pink sauce)
  4. Spring Vegetables Fettuccine

Check the full menu

Stay tuned for more info about vegan friendly restaurants in Maadi.

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